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We've boiled it down into a simple, intuitive, chunk-sized quizzes to help you focus on studying the most important topics.

“You were born to win. But to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win and expect to win.” Zig Ziglar

We have created multiple quizzes with hundreds of questions that are fully automated to help you focus on studying the topics and areas that are most important and will help you understand what Lean Six Sigma is all about. Our mix of free resources provides the basis to grow your understanding while our premium quizzes help you assess your knowledge in regards to concepts, terminology and much more.

Even if you do not have a lot of time to practice, are looking to get accreddited by any certified institution or if you feel that you don’t really know where to start, well that is why we built

What do I get in premium?

The majority of materials on our site is absolutely free. You don’t even need to register! However, if you are studying to pass the Lean Six Sigma certification exams to obtain either a Yellow or Green Belt certification, then our premium package will help you study. It’s complementary to what you already know! Included in premium;

  • 8 additional study quizzes (200 questions)
  • Yellow Belt Preparation Assessments (240+ questions)
  • Green Belt Preparation Assessments (200+ questions)
  • Additional learning material
  • Any future updates (done frequently) are free
We want to help you succeed.

Free Introductory Quizzes

We understand the skepticism when it comes to finding a site that offers a premium. However, the majority of resources you’ll find here are 100% free. We are continuously updating the site with fresh content and our ultimate goal is to help you succeed in three things:

  • Get you excited for Lean Six Sigma,
  • Convey in an understandable fashion what Lean Six Sigma is about,
  • and help you study for and pass an accredited yellow and/or green belt certification from a reknown and accredited institute.

That is why our introductory Lean Six Sigma quizzes are absolutely free. We want you to get a feel of what they are and how we built them. It’s our way of saying thank you and taking a step to begin that trusting relationship.

There are no shortcuts.

You need to learn the material

You will not magically pass the exam. Like with most things in life, you will need to put in the work. So if you are looking for a shortcut, well, you’re probably in the wrong place.

So if you have not spent time learning the fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma concepts, the quiz assessments will most likely not teach you. These assessments are a study system to help you practice hundreds of questions and to show you where you need to spend time studying. The material on the site, like our glossary, will help you understand elements of Lean Six Sigma. Our assessment material will complement your learning to prepare for certification exams.

How to study?

Get prepared for your certification exams

Whether you have no idea where to start or have already read and studied the foundations of Lean Six Sigma, we believe these assessments will help you pass your yellow and/or green belt certification exams. The exams typically contain dozens of sections, tons of topics, formulas and rules and we want to break it all down into chunk sized quizzes to help you repetitively learn concepts, terminology, and more.

Through our premium study account we want you to know what you need to improve and what elements of Lean Six Sigma your already good at.

Free Quizzes

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Frequently Asked Questions

We do not store any information on our site. The payment processing is handled via stripe through secure protocol (https), and when your payment is cleared you get immediate access to the premium content.

What do I get with the purchase?

Upon purchase of the premium assessments, you’ll gain access to the course which contains 100’s of questions broken into multiple chunks to help you get through the material easier. Just like in our free exams. You can access your account at any time and can repeat the quizzes to your liking. You will also be scored and will see a final result compared to other users who have taken the quizzes as well (anonymously). On top of that, we continuously update the site and plan on adding more assessments and material, more questions and more content which you will automatically have access too – all included. No additional payments.

Have these quizzes helped others?

Yes. Anyone who puts in the time to go through the quizzes and study, repetitively, practicing and understanding the results of the questions asked will more than likely pass their exam regardless of certifying body. Of course the results regarding certification is up to each individual (again this is no magic pill), and your understanding of Lean Six Sigma, however, those individuals who have taken the exams and provided feedback to us were positive. We plan on implementing reviews shortly.

Who are these quizzes, assessments and materials for?

All our content whether free or premium is for all sorts of people:

  • Those looking to learn about continuous improvement and want to do so online,
  • Those that want to take a volume of practice tests before they actually approach the real exam,
  • Potential Lean Six Sigma Yellow/Green Belt candidates who want to get an exhaustive understanding of what they need to learn to pass the exam,
  • Potential Black Belt candidates who may need to refresh the fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma
  • People who are looking to pass their exam on the first try through solid preparation
  • People who want to know what topics to focus on in their studies
  • People who are busy with careers or family, perhaps education and other things in life, but want to be able to add-value on their CV (Resume)

How much time will I need to get certified in Lean Six Sigma?

When it comes to education and other things in life, the answer to this is very specific to the individual. It depends on your learning style, the amount of time you are able to dedicate to learning the content, the type of experience you have and a variety of other factors.

In general, if starting from scratch, we would say it takes roughly 6-8 weeks to become Yellow Belt certified by investing a couple hours a week and roughly 1 quarter (3 months) to becoming Green Belt certified doing the same. Again, this is just a presumption on time investment and learning style. You may be quicker, or it may take you longer. The important thing is that you stay consistent and study to successfully pass the exam.

Either way, we created to help you shorten and enhance your preparation time.

Is it available in my country?

Our website is avialable to audiences around the globe. The one-time fee on our website is in U.S. Dollars. Please use a currency converter to check the price in your local currency.

How should I prepare for certification?

Like we mention, there are no short cuts. The best thing to do is to study, study, study and do practice questions over and over until everything really sits in your mind. The more quizzes you do, the more comfortable you will be when taking the exam, regardless of certifying body.

Are the questions similiar to the real exam?

The way we post our questions are similar, however, the content may differ greatly, otherwise if we had the exact questions, it would be like cheating. Our goal is to get you to study the content, terminology, understand the context, why questions are wrong or right, and so forth.

The best way to go about it is simply to prepare, and with this is exactly what we aim to do. Learn the material and gain insight to the foundations required to pass Yellow and/or Green Belt certification.

Do you offer Lean Six Sigma Courses?

We are not a training course. There are many companies that offer training courses for several hundreds of dollars. Some better than others, nonetheless an investment into your education is always good. Our offerings do not replace a solid Lean Six Sigma training course.

With our website you’ll gain a better insight into Lean Six Sigma, however, this website is more of a supplement than an actual training center. (Who knows, this may change in the future). As of right now, we do not offer courses to train in Lean Six Sigma.

Do keep in mind though that many people know the material very well, however du to the lack of good preparation still fail the certification exams. That is where we want to help you.

How much does this cost?

The majority of our website is absolutely free!

If you would like to take the additional assessments within the premium program, there is a one time fee of $69 USD. This includes access to unlimited repeats of tests and any new content we put up (additional quizzes, questions, tools, etc.) is already included.

How are payments processed?

Payments are processed securely through our payment processing providers – Stripe or PayPal using a 256bit SSL encryption.

Stripe is a worldwide and globally reknown payment company and will process all major credit cards.

Do you store my payment information?

We do not store any information on our site. The payment processing is handled via stripe through secure protocol (https), and when your payment is cleared you get immediate access to the premium content.

Do you offer a refund?

We offer a 7 day money-back guarantee should you not be satisfied.

Get Down With The Fundamentals

Becoming Lean Six Sigma certified can and will open many doors to progress in your career.

Learning about Continuous Improvement and becoming Lean Six Sigma certified from a globally recognized body such as the IASSC or ASQ, among others, will enable you to look at processes, procedures, policies, etc in a different light. Understanding how to utilize tools and best practices in your daily work environment will open potential career opportunities.

There is a lot of information out there and we want to consolidate it in the best way possible to help you apply it correctly so that you too can take the next step.

Let’s make it happen.

Check out our glossary and learn the terminology.

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