Learn more about the website, the background and why we started leansixsigma.cc.

Clean, Practical, Easy To Understand

We want to empower people to think process improvement, by providing the resources and know-how for everyone, everywhere.

Leansixsigma.cc is a web-based platform that we brought to life to help us and others understand the principles, processes, diagrams, tools, and terminology behind Lean Six Sigma much better. Just about everything in life is a process, it’s only a matter of how you look at it and what you will do about it.
With our website we hope we spark your interest and that you’ll have an easy online resource that enables you to learn key take-aways within the wide world of L6S and business processes.


Create a global platform of like-minded individuals interested in problem-solving and who love sharing and collaborating to improve our work, communities and the environment.


Simplify and breakdown how people engage, apply and become enabled in learning process improvements – making it easy, fun and memorable for everyone, everywhere.